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Bike Setup and Springs

The main goal of a bike setup is to tune the suspension for the rider so that it performs at the optimum level for control and handling.  This should not only be done for a bike with stock suspension, but also for bikes that have been modified.  Setting the sag and balancing the bike is a big part of the setup.  (Please refer to the technical articles that go into more depth.)




Setting up the bike involves the following:

  • setting the race sag to balance the bike and for rider preference

  • aligning the forks and adjusting fork tube height for turning and handling

  • adjusting the compression and rebound settings on both the fork and shock according the type of terrain, the type of riding, and for fine tuning

  • setting the fork oil volumes for rider weight, speeds, and type of riding

  • putting triple clamp fork bolts at the proper torque

  • installing springs, if necessary, for various rider heights and weights*

  • offering honest advice on what other improvements will be best for the rider

* the stock springs that come with the bike are designed for a narrow range of rider weights, and often a rider falls outside of that limit.

Suspension Rebuilds

The main goal of rebuilding the suspension is to get the forks and the shock like they were when they were brand new.  Consistent suspension performance and longevity are linked closely to how often the oil is changed, the quality of the oil used, and the replacement of wearable parts such as bushings and oil seals.


The rebuild involves complete disassembly of the suspension that includes all of the internal components.  All parts are cleaned in a two-stage cleaning process that thoroughly removes any contaminants.  Parts are inspected for wear and any worn parts are replaced.  The suspension is then reassembled, filled with proper fluid levels, and charged with nitrogen if applicable.


Suspension Modifications (also known in the industry as “revalving“)

The main goal of suspension modification is very simply to improve lap times and control.  This is achieved by making changes internally to the suspension that increase controllability at speed over a variety of obstacles and terrains.  When done properly, the modification is a significant improvement over the stock suspension.  Fatigue is reduced, controllability is increased, and the key thing, of course, is faster lap times.


Modifications done by Suspension Dynamics are very much customized to the individual rider.  We interview the rider and find out as much information as possible.  We then design a suspension package that includes modifications to the components in any of the needed areas.  If you are an experienced rider and know exactly what you want out of the bike, or if you have specific complaints about the stock suspension, we can alter the valving characteristics to achieve the exact changes you desire.  Strong consideration will be given to your strengths as well as the type of events (MX, SX, AX, or CC) in which you will be concentrating.


If you are unfamiliar with exactly how a bike’s suspension should feel and how it should perform, then talk to us.  We can create the ride you will love based on your ability level, your strengths and weakness (if any), and your particular riding style.  Strong consideration is given to the geographical area as well as the venue of tracks you ride.


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